Monday, October 13, 2014

Cellulite melting (CEMELT) diet V - Meal Planning

In this post I will explain you how to plan your meal. Good thing in CEMELT diet is that you can choose which allowed food you want to eat in your meals. You only have to take care of two rules:

1. Food percentage per meal
2. Rule of 5 meal per day (3 main and two snacks)

How are you going to  separate food?

It is very simple. Just follow next steps.

                    For main meal:

                  -        Vegetables 60% per meal
-        Meat 30% per meal
-        Good fats 10% per meal

For snack:

-        One fruit from the list
-        Main meal step but less amount

When you are planning daily menu it would look like this:

    Ø  Breakfast (main meal)
    Ø  Snack
    Ø  Lunch (main meal)
    Ø  Snack
    Ø  Dinner (main meal)

For main meals you shouldn't put inside more then 150 gr meat per meal. My suggestion is to cut amount of meat from breakfast to dinner during the day. Every main meal should have no less than 300 gr vegetables per meal, but basically you are allowed to eat vegetables as much as you can. Nevertheless, always is better to have some breaks. For example:

Breakfast :
300 gr of broccoly
150 gr of poultry
15 gr olive oil (100% pure)

One apple
Or 150 gr of vegetables, 75 gr of fish (tuna) and 7 gr of good fats

300 gr of cauliflower
125 gr of beaf
10 gr of good fats

One fruit
Or 150 gr of vegetables, 60 gr of meat and 5 gr of good fats

300 gr of asparagus
100 gr of turkey
5 gr of good fats

After just one week you will see huge improvement in cellulite melting and fat loosing. Depending of your cellulite and overweight you will follow this diet rules. This diet is depending on how your character is strong.

NOTE: Before you start with CEMELT DIET you MUST throw away from house all BAD FOOD from our list. No one is strong enough to avoid bad food if it is close to it. It is more expensive to eat it then throw it in the garbage.

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