Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cellulite melting (CEMELT) diet - My story

Nowadays, an increasing number of people have problems with obesity. This problem with women is even more emphasissed because in addition to body fat cellulite occurs. Cellulite is something that doesn't look nice and all women want to live without it.

 I was one of them.

Probably most of you who have  problem with this dull monster, just like me, have tried  various diets, starvation,etc. Regardless of all effort, time and whatnot, there were no results.  If you have been  experiencing a  failure, after a while you will be discouraged to keep going further. I was disappointed. Faced to constant defeats, I started to ask myself:  

Is it possible? Do I know someone who succeeded?

My character wouldn't let me to  admit defeat, so I moved on. I studied the problem deeper and deeper. I read  a lot of relevant literature(printed and online) and learned something new every day. I don't know if my ultimate goal eventually became my obsession, but I just didn't give up. After some time spent in discussions with with doctors(nutritionists,dermatologists etc.)  I have  noticed that my knowledge about cellulite is on higher level comparing to them. Probably because I saw it as a problem of my life, and for them it was just a job. It got me to be even more determined to get rid of cellulite. Time passed, and my commitment to the main goal  didn't get any weaker . I don't even know what gave me the strength to endure. Maybe it was luck, maybe a coincidence, but personally I think it was the result of my hard work and strong commitment to the problem. Then results began to appear.  I continued to fight with great intensity and the results became increasingly more visible. After a while I got answer on my question:

Yes, it is. And I know someone: me.

In the series of posts which I intend to  publish, I am going to explain my struggle and steps which I led me to success. I have won this war. Now  I will try to help you with it. This fight will not be easy at all. I will not lie that fat and cellulite can disappear without any effort and sacrifice.

Read my experience and my combat with cellulite. I will not mention all things which I had  tried, until I came to ideal formula which helped me to get rid of my cellulite.  This is not an easy way, this is not a quick way, but this is effective way. This way gives result. This method is called as CEMELT (CELlulite MELTing) diet.

With CEMELT diet you will not only loose excess layers of leveled  skin, but you will reduce the possibility of the emergence of diabetes, vascular diseases and heart disease.

If you are interested in my experience, you can read my next post  where I will continue to describe my combat, ideas and explanations.

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