Monday, September 22, 2014

10 ways for awesome legs

One of the causes of cellulite in legs is poor circulation in these parts of the body. In this post I will list some tricks which will improve circulation in legs and reduce cellulite:

cellulite advices

1. If you have to sit through long periods of time, put the stool (brick or the biggest book) beneath your feet. This will help to remove the weight from your thighs and knees which will improve circulation.

2. If you have to sit most of the day, try to change your position while you sit and get up every thirty minutes and walk.

3. Use specialized socks and shoes which stimulate circulation.

4. Held up the legs as often as possible and do not cross them while sitting no matter how natural, nice or polite it looked like.

5. Avoid tight shoes and high heels during the day, as well as tight clothing, pants and belt as much as possible.

6. Control your weight! Every extra pound adds pressure on the circulation.

7. Stop smoking!  Nicotine from tobacco shrinks blood vessels in the legs and weakens circulation.

8. Add sour vegetables and salads such as artichoke, chicory and endive. It will improve not only the circulatory system, but also liver function.

9. Avoid extreme heat and swimming in the warm water. Visit to sauna is permitted under the condition that legs are constantly raised.

10. While you sleep, the blood flow will be eased if legs are at a higher level than the heart.

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