Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cellulite melting (CEMELT) diet II - Things you can / can't change

In previous posts, I have explained what cellulite is, how it occurs and what causes it.  All that is very important to know. You must know your enemy  if you want to beat it. Before you go any further I advise you to read my previous posts, that way you'll have better understanding of  the following text.

Shortly said, cellulite is an alteration on the skin characterized by appearance of  ‘orange peel’  caused by accumulation of fat below the skin. Fat is compressed through the connective tissue that lies between the muscles and the skin. Because of that internal pressure of fat cells towards the skin, we get that unattractive unevenness on our buttocks, thighs, knees, arms etc. We have a lot of causes of cellulite, which can be grouped in 3 main categories: genetic factors, hormonal factors, and lifestyle.

Genetic  factors  were given to you when you were born.  Obviously, if your mother or grandmother had celullite, it is more likely  that you'll have it, too. That does not mean that you can't have cellulite if no one in your family had it. All you can do about it is to hope that you were lucky enough and got a decent genetic package from your parents. Good or bad, your genes are something you just have to live with. The easiest thing to  say is: "Oh, I have a genetic predisposition for cellulite, there is no point trying to change anything ".  That is a huge mistake made by weak people. Genetics can't be your excuse, so don't hide behind it. So, you can not change your DNA.  The good news here is there are a lot of things in your life you really CAN change to get out the best from your genes. And to become healthier, prettier, happier person feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. 

So we must concentrate on factors on which we can have certain influence:  hormonal factors  and lifestyle. It is hard to separate those factors because they have strong influence on each other, as you will see.

Cellulite is tightly connected to the endocrine system through hormones that regulate metabolism of the fats (and entire body).  They are divided into two groups.

Members of the first group are hormones that promote fat disolution, and have positive effects on your fight with cellulite. Some of the most important are thyroid hormones, adrenaline, glucagon.

The second group of hormones have stimulating effect on  generation of fat, and they are not your friends when speaking about cellulite. Most important are estrogen and insulin. Estrogen has a dominant role. It has a double effect: on one hand it stimulates the production of fat, and on the other  hand it helps in the damaging of the connective tissue.

When speaking about hormones, BALANCE is the keyword you should always remember. Some  things  you can do which have great influence on your hormonal balance are:

1.Have enough sleep every day(7-8 hours recommended), because  sleep resets your hormones and helps normalizing level of estrogen

2.Avoid stress as much as you can, stress is trigger for estrogen

3. Be active, exercise at least 3x/week

4.Have a regular sex life (except of giving you pleasure, sex also keeps your hormones in balance)

5. Be careful what and when you eat, your food is a valuable input information for your endocrine system

The biggest changes that you can make are about your lifestyle.  That subject is so big I could write you tons of pages. But I won't do that. You probably notice that some of the things listed above are also a part of a lifestyle.  I'm not saying you should follow all my advices, you  can experiment until you find the right combination for you. All of us are different, and what worked for me maybe won't work for you. The one of the biggest changes that I made in my life is introduction of CEMELT diet. And it worked for me...

In following posts, CEMELT diet will be  explained to the very details.

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