Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cellulite melting (CEMELT) diet IV - Food you should avoid

In this post I am going to show you list of food which is not permitted during (and mostly after) CEMELT diet. It is sorted in next nine subgroups:

1. Sugar (sweets) and artificial sweeteners
2. Grains
3. Legumes
4. Dairy
5. Soft and energy drinks
6. Fruit juices
7. Snacks
8.Starchy vegetables
9. Alcohol

SUGARS: On the first place you should avoid food with sugars. Not just because of overweight problem  and cellulite. It is important because of full body health condition and energy. According to newest research sugars spend  body energy and give constant fatigue. Thus, you should avoid candy bars and all artificial sweetners.

GRAINS:  Everything which has grains inside is not for eat.
Bread, Sandwiches, Cereals, Pancakes, Toast, Crackers, Oatmeal, Corn, Corn syrup, High-fructose corn syrup, Wheat, Pizza, Beer (and the world mourned), Pasta, Lasagne etc.

LEGUMES: We already wrote in previous post about beans and legumes, but always is good to repeat useful things:
Beans, Peas, Peanuts, Peanut butter, Soybeans ,Tofu  etc.

DAIRY:  All dairy products are not allowed in this cellulite diet plan.
Ice cream, Pudding, Butter, Cheese, Skim milk, Low fat milk, Whole milk , Cream cheese, Powdered milk, Yogurt, Frozen yogurt, Ice milk

SOFT AND ENERGY DRINKS:  Most of this drinks are full contaminated by sugars and strongly forbidden in CEMELT diet:
Coca cola, Sprite, Pepsi, Red Bull, Monster  etc.

FRUIT  JUICES:  Fructoza is big part of this juices and it would be nice to avoid them during CEMELT diet:
Grape juice, Apple juice, Tropic juice, Mango juice, Orange juice, Strawberry juice, etc.

SNACKS: Snacks are artificial and also full of sugars. That means they are not edible.
Cookies, Chips, Biscuits, Pretzels, Wheat Things, Pastries, etc.

STARCHY VEGETABLES: These vegetables have starch inside and because of that you are not  allowed to eat it.
Beets , Parsnips, Plantain , Pumpkin , Sweet Potatoes , White Potatoes

ALCOHOL:  Alcohol is very unhealthy and has a lot of calories and substances which produce cellulite.
Whiskey,Vodka, Beer, Tequila, Rum , etc.

Just avoiding this food you will gain big results in cellulite melting and you are going to be much more healthy. In next post we are going to learn something about meal planning, or how to build menu on daily basis.

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