Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bodyweight workout against cellulite

If you don’t prefer just running and like to do workouts with various exercises I will suggest you another type of training. This type of training is very popular nowadays. Get rid of cellulite using this type of workout. You don’t need to go to gym, you don’t need to give money for some fitness machines and you can do it wherever you want. Another great thing is that you “work” with weight of your body. That is very important thing because you will also improve your core muscles to optimal level. With this type of training you will lose extra weight, get rid of cellulite and improve your core muscles. Core muscles are very important to us because they hold body backbone, reduce the stress on the joints and knees and improve our immunity.


First, you have to warm up. Do easy running for 6 min and stretching exercises.

Then you can start with main part:

Run 14 min (speed depends of your shape). After running do these bodyweight exercises:

3 to 10 burpees  (according your capabilities);
10 to 30 squats (according your capabilities);
5 to 30 push-ups (according your capabilities);
5 to 30 lunges (according your capabilities);
10 to 30 mountain climbers (according your capabilities);
10 to 30 crunches (according your capabilities);

This is one sequence. Do 2-4 sequences depending on your physical endurance.

When you finish with main part do section stretching again.

You will do this workouts three or four times per week. 

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