Friday, September 12, 2014

Cellulite myths

We live in a time when marketing companies create public opinion about many things around us. Cellulite is one of them. Intentionally or accidentally they lead to a misunderstanding of whether something  is  good or bad. Many times repeated lie becomes the truth. In this post I will turn to some most common myths when it comes to cellulite.

cellulite myths

-Cellulite means you're fat
This is one of the most common myths that are unnecessary frustration for people who are normal weight. A large number of women have cellulite (about 90% of women in western countries), and it does not mean that all fat. Look a little better models and models. You'll also see them at least a little bit of cellulite.

-Cellulite is a natural part of aging and will not make better
Cellulite can be certainly worsen with age, and can become quite painful. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and anti-cellulite creams can help. It can be less visible, but if you don’t take action  on this issue, it will become worse, especially considering that with age skin loses its firmness and elasticity.

-Drinking plenty of water reduces cellulite
While drinking enough water is good for your health (and helps to remove toxins from the body), it will not mean much in terms of the visibility of cellulite. In fact it will only make things worse. That’s why cosmetic companies which make anti-cellulite creams add ingredients that help eliminate excess water from the body. The reason why  the caffeine and aminophylline are popular ingredients in anti-cellulite treatments is because of their ability to dehydrate the skin. Then skin with cellulite look firmer and smoother.

-Cellulite is the one after the 30th
Girls with 14 years old or even younger can have cellulite. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, it becomes thinner and cellulite becomes easily visible. But there is no rational reason why everyone think that only older women have it.

-The sun is good for cellulite
The sun makes skin to look older and makes cellulite more visible, because  it promotes a reaction in which muscle tissue and skin cells can be weakened. Sunburn may also cause water retention in the body.  It is a great stress for your skin and you should avoid it.

-Cellulite only have women
 It is rarely seen in males, but exist. About 5% of males have cellulite.

-Cardio exercises are not the best way to remove cellulite
Cardio exercises will not deteriorate cellulite, but there will not mitigate. This type of exercise is not enough and should be combined with exercise design. Studies have confirmed that people who are over eight weeks had a 30-minute cardio workout lost 1.8 pounds, but did not get the muscle mass. Those who combine cardio training and shaping excersizes have lost  4.5 pounds and get 0.9 pounds of muscle mass. Training should include squats to strengthen the muscles of the thigh and butt. This exercise should be repeated several times a day.

-Wearing a corset prevent cellulite and its visibility
Regularly wearing corsets  can make cellulite more pronounced. Corset acts as a solid rubber and contracts with every move which reduces circulation and can even cause the stoppage of lymph and  veins  crackings.

-Allergies have nothing to do with cellulite
During an allergic reaction, body release histamine, which promotes retention of water and forces the white blood cells based on the potential infection. It can cause cellulite.

-Crossed legs doesn’t  affect the cellulite
Sitting cross-legged over a long period  disturbs circulation and compresses the main blood vessel in the thigh. This may cause water retention and to enhance the visibility of cellulite.

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