Saturday, September 13, 2014

Do guys really care about cellulite?

Do guys really care about cellulite?It's very often question but it's not a good one. It would be better to ask: What type of girl guy like? Do they like skinny girls?Do they like girls with normal weight?Or obese girls?
 I suppose you think it has nothing to do with each other. Most girls have cellulite (more or less), whether they are fat or not. Yes,it's true. The thing you are forgetting is that guys do not see it as girls. Their attraction for a particular type of women (whether they are skinny, normal or obese) is  crucial to answer the question at the beginning of the post.
Actually men who prefer overweight women in a significant percentage do not know to recognize cellulite. They attribute it to fat and they don't have any problem with it. If they recognize cellulite, they will not mind .Why? Because they believe that it goes with the curves they desperate want. It means:If you have more pounds as it should be and he like your curves, then there is no need to be upset. He will not mind at all. You are good to him as you are.
Girls with normal weight can have a problem. Guys who like this type of girls know what is cellulite and how it looks like.AND they don't like it. For them cellulite is skin which looks ugly. For those who have less cellulite and smoother skin, he will be more excited with your body.It is something important but not decisive
For guys who are looking for skinny girls cellulite is something  they really don't like. For them ideal of beauty is smooth skin without fat.  In this cases I hope they fall in love to girls before they see cellulite. And you alwas have time to change your lifestyle and reduce cellulite during some time. Or just go to heavier category :)
Everything I mentioned refers to a relationship between guy and girl on a physical level.Of course relationship is more complex thing and not subject of this post.

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