Monday, October 13, 2014

Why women have cellulite

If you are reading this blog, the chances are good that you are one of the millions of women who are facing aesthetic, psychological  or other issues connected with cellulite.  If it makes it easier for you, you are the part of majority because nowadays cellulite affects 80% to 95% of all females in post-pubertal age.  In rare cases it occurs  in male population(about 5-6 %) where is usually connected with hormone  disfunctions.

Why women have cellulite

In one moment you probably asked yourself a logical question: what is wrong with us women that makes us so prone to cellulite or Why do we have it and men don't?

Answer to this question definitely won't  solve your problem, but  it will help you to have better understanding or at least should satisfy your curiosity.

I will try to give you the simplified answer using  colloquial language and  avoiding medical terminology  as much as it is possible, so everyone should be able to follow.

What you've learned so far  is that  cellulite manifests as uneveness and irregularity on the skin surface caused by  fat cells. How did fat cells come up there?

You have three important  layers of tissue that are important for our story. 

Fat cells deep under your skin, collagen connective tissue in the middle and skin(dermis) itself on the surface.

First of all,  women have different hormons than men do. While men have  testosteron, which actually burns fat, woman have estrogen(and other women-specific hormons). Because of low level of estrogen, girls in pre-pubertal age rarely have cellulite.  Presence of estrogen has opposite effect that results in higher production of fat in woman's body. Scientist came to conclusion that production of fat cells is up to 10x higher in women's body than in men's. Nature made it that way with clear purpose, so that women can store enough energy and be ready for  period of pregnancy and lactation. With time, their number and size becomes bigger, so fat cells are being pushed out by the muscles (stronger structure) that are placed under them.

Connective tissue in males has greater density, different geometry and is also  thicker than women's. You can visualize it like this: in males it usually forms  XX shape, while women have ( ) shape of  that tissue. That means that fat cells find  their path to the surface of the skin much easier, because pressure is higher(remeber that women have more fat cells) and  resistance is lower.

After all this,when fat cels finally comes  near the surface of the skin, third fact comes  in the play.That final layer of the skin (known as epidermis) is also thinner and less elastic in women.

Imagine your skin as a bag  full of groceries. When you add more and more groceries  they eventually break out a little bit through the bag and becomes visible from the outside. That is cellulite.

I hope this is the answer you were looking for.

Enjoy reading my blog and good luck with your celluliteJ

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