Saturday, September 20, 2014

Green tea: fake enemy of cellulite

We have all heard a lot about green tea and its positive effects on your body.  Reduction of cellulite is very often mentioned as one these effects. Is it a truth? To answer that question let's start from the beginning. Why cellulite occurs?

Reduce cellulite by green tea
In addition to the cellulite  genetic  tendency, we have two main causes:  toxins and  blood circulation. So in order to reduce or eliminate cellulite we must eliminate these causes. Our DNA we can not change. It means we need to throw out toxins and improve circulation. The most important organ that performs detoxification is  liver. The other three involved organs are  kidneys, intestinal tract and skin.  One of the main roles of liver is to break all potentially harmful substances in our body into less harmful compounds. It’s very complex process and one of the most important activities in our body.
Green tea has many positive effects on our body, but it does not contain ingredients which enhance detoxification and blood circulation in our body, at least not in significant quantities. If you look at its ingredients, its effect on the liver is approximate as the effect of water. Therefore, no great effect when it comes to cellulite will be accomplished.  People often exaggerate and drink a lot of green tea, because they think it will help with cellulite removal. Then they fall into another problem. They can come in danger of losing minerals in the body and collapse. There are also no proven positive effects of green tea on blood circulation.

It means there is no big difference between green tea and water when we talk about cellulite. Also, it is important to note  that we do not have any serious study about positive effect of green tea on cellulite removal.

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