Monday, November 10, 2014

Cellulite melting exercises

To get rid of cellulite it would be great if you do some physical activity. The main objective of physical activity is to accelerate the metabolism. Exercises burn calories, establishes hormonal balance and tightens the muscles and skin.
In the next few posts I'm going to show you some workouts which will help you to get rid of cellulite. In workout I will force the best exercises to get rid of cellulite. It is very difficult for me to create your optimal training program for each of you. I don’t know whether you are fit, or whether you train, or whether you eat healthy food.   For your optimal training, which will give the best results, I need your help.  So I'm going to start with program for beginners. If you are in much better shape and it’s not enough challenge for you I recommend you to increase the number of repetitions.
As I said, we are starting with TOTALLY BEGINNERS workouts. It is very simple and also very useful.  
I recommend that along with these workouts you also go walking and/or jogging, at least twice a week for 5 km (IT’S REALLY MINIMUM. PLEASE GO AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK).  If you practice walking or jogging three times per week is enough. Then you can jog 4km, because 4 km (25 min) of jogging is enough to have optimal hormonal balance and general weight control. I recommend you walk (jog) early in the morning or two hours after dinner. If you like animals, then dog is one of the solutions.  With dog in the house you will be forced to go out of house every day for few kilometers.
If you are beginner practice walking and running first three months according your capabilities. After that you should introduce workouts. If you are in good shape during walking and jogging you need to start with cellulite melting exercises.

This is how you are going to do it (If you don’t know how to perform exercise just click on it and watch the video):

·         First, do some warm up exercises.  If you have time, do it every day. Chose 2 exercises per workout:

JumpingJacks (do it in two series, 10-30 repeats)
Cats walk (do it for 15-30 sec. in two series)
Planks (at the beginning do it for 10-20 seconds, depending on your physical condition) 
Side Plank Resting on elbow  (at the beginning do it for 10-20 seconds on both sides, depending on your physical condition) 

·         Second and no less important thing in process is stretching. Do all exercises:

ITB Stretching (30 seconds)
Quadriceps stretching (30 seconds)

·         Main part of workout compound 5-8 exercises, also depending on your health and physical condition, you need to decide how many of this are you going to do. On very first time you will do 1-2 series, 5-8 exercises per one workout. Do it for 1-3 month, and when you see that you stopped to lose weight and cellulite, switch to higher level of workout, which is workout for MEDIUM-CAPABLE persons. Chose 5-8 exercises on your own and do each for 15-20 seconds:


·         When you finish with main part do section stretching again.

After three months you will see the difference :)

NOTE: If you don’t like the number of repetitions of some of the exercises, you customize it according to your abilities. I will use exercises that you don’t have to be well trained to do the exercise. Finally, if you can’t do it skip it or replace with another exercise.

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